Modeling Bivariate Relationships

Identify and conduct the most appropriate analysis for a given research topic.

10/11 - 10/25

Learning Path

Where we’ve been

  • Visually exploring relationships between two variables by creating appropriate plots to assess how the distribution of a primary outcome (response/dependent) variable changes according to the level of a predictor (explanatory/independent/covariate) variable.
  • Learning how probability is used to make inferential statements about parameters

Where we’re at

Ready to make some statistical statements about relationships between variables.



Identify the most appropriate analysis for a given research topic.

Fully conduct the following statistical analyses: Two sample T-Test of means, ANOVA, Chi-squared test of Association, Correlation

Use the least squares method to calculate an equation for a best fit line that describes the relationship between a continuous explanatory and continuous response variable

Calculate and interpret estimates for the intercept and slope of regression models

Use the regression equation to predict new values for Y given values of X

Calculate and interpret confidence and prediction intervals for the slope value

Visually assess assumptions of regression models

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PMA6 Ch 6

PMA6 Ch 7

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Pre-recorded lectures from last year are available in Canvas. The slides are mostly the same, but this is dense content and so these videos give you a chance to review.

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