Model Building

Part science, part art

11/27 - 11/29

Learning Path

Where we’ve been

Learning how to fit multivariable models for a variety of outcome types.

Where we’re at

Learning how to build a “good” model, and how to choose between models.



Identify techniques for selecting variables to be included in a model

Select between competing models using measures of model fit

Learning Materials

Directly from ASCN Chapter 10

Model Building

  • More on outliers and influential points: PMA6 Ch 7.8 and 8.8
  • Got a moderator? Check out Interaction terms in PMA6 Ch 8.8
  • Multicollinearity (highly correlated X values): PMA6 8.9
  • How to choose variables for your model sensibly: PMA6 Chapter 9

Measures of Model Fit

📚 Reading


PMA6 Ch8, Ch9

ASCN Ch 10