Weekly Overview

While the class is generally organized by calendar week, sometimes we will cover two topics in a week or one topic will span multiple weeks.

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Date Topic Details Reading HW
Week 1
08/22 Welcome Introduction to the Class and your materials Syllabus
Help page
PMA6 Ch 2
HW00 Getting Setup
08/22 Data architecture Data entry, spreadsheets, metadata, codebooks Tidy data principles (Optional) HW01 Data Entry
08/24 Project Stage 1: Choosing your topic Choosing project research data
Week 2
08/29 Formulating research questions Asking questions is easy. Asking answerable questions is more difficult. How to Write an Effective Research Question HW02 RQ Formulation
08/31 Preparing data for analysis Where an inordinate amount of time is spent PMA6 Ch 3
Project Structure by Danielle Navarro
HW03 Data Management
Week 3
09/05 Labor Day. No Class
09/07 Data wrangling Keep coding, coding, coding, keep them fingers flowing, keep them data scrolling, Compile!
Week 4
09/12 Describing distributions of data Visualizing your data is the first line of defense against bad data PMA6 Ch 4
ASCN Ch 2.3
HW04 Univariate Graphing
09/14 Project Stage 2: Introduce your research question and variables of interest Poster prep Stage 2
Week 5
09/19 Describing relationships between two variables First step in investigating a question about an association PMA6 Ch 4
ASCN Ch 2.4
HW05 Graphing Relationships
Week 6
09/26 Best practices in Data Visualization Just because you can add it to a graph, doesn’t mean you should. PMA6 Ch 4.6
09/28 Project Stage 3: Exploratory Data Analysis Poster prep Stage 3
Week 7
10/03 Study Design How did the data come to be? IMS - Chapter 2
10/05 Foundations for Inference If all else fails, use “significant at p>.05 level” and hope no one notices. IMS - Chapter 13.1-13.3 and IMS Chapter 11-11.1 Quiz: Quantifying Uncertainty
Quiz: Foundations for Inference
Week 8
10/10 Foundations for Inference cont. Inference with Mathematical Models
10/12 Modeling Bivariate relationships Choosing appropriate analysis, T-tests for difference in means ASCN Ch 5 IMS - Chapter 20](https://openintro-ims.netlify.app/inference-two-means.html) HW06 Bivariate Modeling
Week 9
10/17 ANOVA & Kruskill Wallas IMS - Chapter 22 Quiz: T-test & ANOVA
10/19 Chi-Square & Fishers Exact Test Quiz: Chi-Square
Week 10
10/24 Correlation
10/24 Linear Modeling Everything is a linear model. PMA6 Ch 7
IMS Ch 24
Quiz: Regression Modeling
10/26 Project Stage 4: Bivariate Inference Poster prep Stage 4
Week 11
10/31 Moderation and Stratification Identifing different trends within subgroups ASCN Ch 8 HW 07 Moderation Quiz: Moderation
Week 12
11/07 Multiple Regression, Confounding Because life isn’t bivariate PMA6 Ch 8 ASCN Ch 9 HW08 Multiple Regression
11/09 Categorical Predictors PMA6 Ch 10.3 ASCN 10.1, 10.2
Week 13
11/14 Generalized Linear Models Modeling binary and log transformed outcomes. PMA6 Ch 12 ASCN 11 Quiz: Multiple Regression
Week 14
11/28 Model Building Part science, part art PMA6 8.11, 9 ASCN Ch 10
11/28 Project Stage 5: Multivariable Analysis & Conclusions Poster prep Stage 5
11/30 Assessing Model Fit
Week 15
12/05 Develop Research Poster Poster Guidelines
12/07 Other types of models
12/12 Poster Presentation Monday 6pm-8pm.
12/16 Final Exam Due Friday 12/16 EOD